A Letter to Young Creatives

As long as your creative idea lives only in your mind, it will stay safe - but unknown. No one will criticize you, belittle you, or say you are crazy to try. Even though your idea is safe, it can never grow wings. How many brilliant ideas remain locked away in our minds – out of fear – never revealed to the world? How many great books stay un-written, inventions un-made, movements un-born?

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One Thing Every Writer Must Know …

Last week, I was in Barnes and Noble doing a book signing. A young boy, Ian, walked up to the table. He was about seven and holding a massive stack of books. He stared at me with a determined look. After a few moments, his dad nudged him and Ian asked, “How do I become a writer?”

“Well,” I smiled, “Do you like using a pen, pencil, computer or typewriter? Ian, if you can write, if you can put words to paper, you are a writer. You never need anyone else to tell you that you are a writer."

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