HOW LONG? A Cry from the Ashes of Ferguson

The world is watching as Ferguson burns. Generations of racism, division and hate are blossoming and erupting into fiery violence. Ferguson is more than a city, it is a national outcry, a reflection of the pain wrought through the oppression and victimization of one race by another.

My heart is broken over this. Regardless of who is right and what is wrong. There are generations of pain coming to the surface.

My response is "How Long?" This is the cry of the Old Testament prophet. "How long? How long LORD? How long until you come and end this heartache, stop this destruction and fix this broken place?" The people faced exile, slavery, heartache, destruction and death.

"HOW LONG?" is our cry today.

When will you fix this LORD? What about now? Right now? Our hearts are shattered. Our throats are raw and our eyes are bloodshot. Our nostrils are filled with smoke. Our lungs sting from tear-gas. Our nation is torn in bloody division. Our souls burn with the burning chaos of ‪#‎Ferguson‬

LORD, bring your righteousness, justice and peace. Turn our tears into healing rain to wash away all the rage, hurt and pain. In Jesus name, Amen.

I waited patiently for the LORD,
He inclined and heard my cry, 
He lifted me up out of the pit,
Out of the miry clay.
I will sing a new song. 
How long to sing this song? - Psalm 40