Racism, Reconciliation and the Raw Wounds of Hope

These tragedies tear open our hearts and cities. They strain us. Bring up old wounds of racism. Expose systemic injustice. So we cry and protest and rage. When our protests and tears and prayers fail, we lose hope. And then, when another tragedy strikes, we are eviscerated - left standing alone in the streets holding our intestines in our bloody hands.  

But there is another story you must hear. A story the media is not telling.

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A Letter to Young Creatives

As long as your creative idea lives only in your mind, it will stay safe - but unknown. No one will criticize you, belittle you, or say you are crazy to try. Even though your idea is safe, it can never grow wings. How many brilliant ideas remain locked away in our minds – out of fear – never revealed to the world? How many great books stay un-written, inventions un-made, movements un-born?

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Star Wars : Confronting the Dark Father

The man who curses his father curses his own destiny. Today, many of us must face our Dark Father. Even if he is long gone. Even if all we know is his ghost. To cross the threshold from death to life, we must move from darkness and hate into light and love. We must believe for his best - no matter how twisted he has become. Lest, we find ourselves standing over his fallen corpse. 

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