Dear Outrage, I am breaking up with you

Dear Outrage,

I’m breaking up with You. You were good for me. When we first met, it felt good to stand for justice, to cry out against injustice. To stand against racism, corruption and to stand up for refugees, immigrants and vulnerable children. And it felt good to have new outrage friends. Yes. The outrage was good. Maybe even supernaturally ordained. And I will keep speaking out when called upon. Thank you for helping me find my voice. I didn’t bury my anger, I spoke up.

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Racism, Reconciliation and the Raw Wounds of Hope

These tragedies tear open our hearts and cities. They strain us. Bring up old wounds of racism. Expose systemic injustice. So we cry and protest and rage. When our protests and tears and prayers fail, we lose hope. And then, when another tragedy strikes, we are eviscerated - left standing alone in the streets holding our intestines in our bloody hands.  

But there is another story you must hear. A story the media is not telling.

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